Not all heroes wear capes

An image of the UQ researchers working on a vaccine for COVID-19.

UQ researchers Professor Paul Young, Dr Keith Chappell, Professor Trent Munro.

UQ researchers Professor Paul Young, Dr Keith Chappell, Professor Trent Munro.

Some wear lab coats

They've cracked the code for a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, but how much do you know about this incredible team of UQ researchers?

Watch the video below and find out how they came together.

Together, we can help UQ researchers fast-track a potential vaccine for COVID-19  

UQ has received extraordinary support from both government and philanthropic partners to advance the development of UQ’s COVID-19 vaccine – a project which has the potential to change lives around the world. 

With the help of the UQ community, our researchers can accelerate their response to the global pandemic with a goal to deliver clinical trials to Queensland patients as early as July.

To achieve this, we need to raise $6.5 million. 

We are calling on the UQ community to support COVID-19 research with a donation of any amount. 

If we act now, we can reduce the timeline for an effective vaccine by six months – a project which would otherwise take at least 12–18 months. 

We appreciate it is an incredibly challenging time for many in our community. If you cannot make a gift, you can still play a critical role and share the work of our research team on social media and give your 'virtual' applause: 👏 #clapCOVID19researchers

No matter how you choose to help our researchers, rest assured, the support of our UQ community – near and far – means so much to them.

Together we can all be changemakers.