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Transgender Day of Visibility at UQ

Transgender flag

Image: Getty / tampatra

Image: Getty / tampatra

Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an international celebration of trans pride and awareness, held every year on 31 March to recognise and celebrate trans and gender-diverse experiences and achievements around the world.

It is well documented that trans and gender diverse people face a unique set of challenges, including but not limited to lower mental health outcomes, and higher instances of discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

At UQ, we are proud of our trans students, staff, and alumni, and the path they have taken – or are taking – to become their true selves.

Below, you can watch and read their stories of achievement, resilience and overcoming adversity, and staff and students can access resources to learn more and find support.

Further reading and resources

UQ has a range of resources for our community to learn more, and for our staff and students to access support.


For support, contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion at


For support, contact the UQ Union Queer Collective.