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Do you know your sarma from your parma?
What about your dolma and your korma?

Cookbook cover

A cheery cookbook, created by students, is not only helping solve these riddles, it has helped keep the academic community together amid challenging times.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cookbook has become a forum where people can contribute ideas, interact and share positive vibes – and most importantly – help each other fill their tummies with some scrumptious and nutritious food.

“The aim and purpose of the cookbook is to create and hold a space that allows for genuine community connection,” MD Phase 1 (Year 2) Student Coordinator Yiota Lallas explains.

“It is a virtual space that facilitates engagement, where we support one another through sharing.

“We found a platform from which to connect that is universal…food. Food comes hand in hand with our social interactions with friends and family.

“We are creating conversations about the diverse ways in which we sustain ourselves and our bodies.

“We want to explore the many ways in which we prepare food, providing a plethora of cooking styles that has helped provide ourselves nourishment, while building social connection, personal strength and resilience.”

Aside from sarma and dolma, the first edition of the cookbook, developed by the School of Clinical Medicine, features delicious iso-smoothies, baklava, crepes and the confidently titled ‘Best Ever Beef Chilli’.

The book sidles Swedish gubbröra alongside German currywurst, French quiche Lorraine and Filipino roti and chickpea curry, while Aussie-inspired bacon jam is juxtaposed with strawberry jam made from a Greek family recipe.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is also room to be a little naughty with a choice of baked ricotta cheesecake or chocolate fudge slice.

On top of developing solidarity during a pandemic, the cookbook serves as a nice time capsule to provide future generations with insight as to how people reacted and kept in touch during a challenging time.

Submissions for future editions can be
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Prawn cutlets
Beef chili
Persian cake

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