Boosting our biodiversity

An image of a rainbow lorikeet feeding.

A rainbow lorikeet feeding on gum blossom (Getty images).

A rainbow lorikeet feeding on gum blossom (Getty images).

National Biodiversity Month
1–30 September 2020

While the global pandemic has dominated our newsfeeds in 2020, another disaster has also been unfolding, driven by our changing climate and escalated by a spate of bushfires in late 2019.

Burning around 97,000 square kilometres of vegetation in southern and eastern Australia – home to at least 832 native animal species – the bushfires devastated local plant and wildlife.

This, together with a changing climate, means that more of Australia’s unique flora and fauna is under threat than ever before.

But there is hope.

UQ researchers are rising to the challenge, making a name for themselves nationally and internationally for their work in helping protect the world’s species from extinction.

Here are some of the projects currently underway.

An image of UQ Research Scholar Mateo Gutierrez testing materials at UQ's Fire Lab.