King's in Pink

Each October, the residents of King’s College lace up their running shoes and take to the riverside for an event which raises thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. This year’s organising committee shares the history of the event and the reason why they run.

King’s in Pink began in 2008 as an initiative of Therese Eddy. She invited women, such as mothers of Kingsmen, into the College for a cocktail lunch. This was to try and change the “men’s only” culture of the College at the time, and raise money for breast cancer research. Kingsmen volunteered to wait upon the guests and numerous guest speakers attended, such as Commonwealth Games medallist Krishna Stanton.

Since that time, King’s in Pink has evolved into the event that is today: a 5km or 10km fun run or walk along the Brisbane River, with all proceeds going to UQ’s School of Pharmacy and their research on finding a cure for breast cancer. This event is held in October every year due it being the month of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Raising money for breast cancer research is a cause that we Kingsmen care deeply about. Many people within the college know women who have been affected, whether it is their mothers, aunts, sisters or friends. With eight women dying every day of breast cancer in Australia alone, this is a disease that we feel needs to be eradicated.

The School of Pharmacy’s work studies specific mechanisms by which cancer cells can communicate with each other and sense the environment around them. Understanding these pathways has led to identifying new drug targets to suppress the growth and spread of breast cancer, and more recently new ways to cause the death of breast cancer cells.

Unfortunately, while major progress has been made in treating some forms of breast cancer, there are still many unknowns and types that are incurable. Last year, the money raised from King’s in Pink helped the School to define key processes in how breast cancer cells can be induced to die. This year, we hope to raise $10,000 for the School, which will help support two new student research projects. These important projects are intended to help discover techniques that can identify a critical signal in breast cancer cells as they spread throughout the body during metastatic progression of the disease.

Please help us support this incredible cause by walking or running along the Brisbane River on the morning of 14 October, or if you’re unable to attend and still want to show your support consider donating. King’s in Pink singlets are also available online and on the day for purchase, if you wish to support the event further. The event includes a free hot breakfast afterwards to replenish your energy!

To register please visit our fundraising website.

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- The King’s in Pink Team